Support You in Clinical Outsourcing

Mia Östlund Consulting

Photo Martin Botvidsson

Professional experience and background

More than 25 years of experience working in clinical research in different positions:

Clinical Outsourcing Manager at two R&D-sites, in Stockholm and Södertälje. Worked with different CROs, ranging from large global to small local but also niche companies.

Positions corresponding to Clinical Reasearch Manager at R&D-sites in Stockholm and Södertälje, but also at CRO in Uppsala – phase II-IV studies, international multicenter studies and Global Clinical Life Cycle Management.

Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technologist in clinical chemistry.

Membership in Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutica.

Professional training e.g. project management and leadership, negotiation skills, contract management and the Swedish Public Procurement Act.

Awarded "Best Specialist Clinical Outsourcing Service - Sweden" 2016 Biotechnology Awards in GHP Magazine.